US Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) questions President Obama’s Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke how increasing interest rates will affect US debt payments. Bernanke stated that a 1% increase in interest rates would cause 0 billion per year increase in size of US debt, or trillion in new debt over 10 years. DeMint stated: “That’s real money.” Bernanke responded: “A trillion there, a trillion here… doesn’t make that much difference.”

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  • wsoxman:


    * Democrats don’t understand THE DEBT CEILING

    * Republicans don’t understand THE DEBT CEILING

    * NO ONE understands THE DEBT CEILING

    SO – Allow me to explain…

    Let’s say you come home from work and find there has been a sewer backup in your neighborhood.

    Your home has sewage all the way up to your ceilings.

    What do you think you should do? Raise the ceilings or pump out the shit?

    Your choice is coming in November. Don’t miss the opportunity

  • Th0usandMaster:

    He was trying to say that the deficit is so large that whether the interest rate are 1.5 or 2.5% it is not going to change the Congress’s motivation to address that.

    An even simpler version of that:

    “Because the deficit is so large, whatever the interest rate is, the Congress will always talk about it”

    seriously, is it that hard to understand?

  • Jeffrey Wilson:

    but french cheese does mix with strawberry milkshake!

  • Heavy799:


  • drsmith963:

    The ZIONISTS are trying to collapse the Dollar so they can bring in a global currency – in the mean time they are going to protect the International Banking Cartel and do whats best for the CARTEL.

    In the mean time get ready for inflation – and possible Hyperinflation – and devaluation of the dollar continues.

  • america2revolt:

    Just remember 1776 boys!!!

  • america2revolt:

    Who gives a shit who it was that appointed him they are all the same… Bush, Obama it don’t matter they are all bought and paid for by the Bankers and told what to do by the Rothchild’s and Rockefeller’s…. And sorry Mr. DeMint but the US Congress is irrelevant.. Even the President Obama says he only has to answer to the UN to go to war now.. What more do the American people need see and hear to realize the Congress is nothing but a joke to the American people.

  • natestein84:

    A little FYI about the title, Bernanke was appointed by GW Bush, not Obama.

  • ConservativeLeader1:

    AUDIT THE fed AND IMPRISON bernancky.

  • 1991jmoney:

    The federal reserve system is robbery. Nothing funny about it.

  • 1991jmoney:

    If we audit the fed they will tank the economy on purpose. We kind of have a gun to our head.

  • 1991jmoney:

    Anyone that works for the federal reserve bank is a thieving peice of shit. Doesn’t matter if its Greenspan, Bernake or anyone else. They are all crooks.

  • 1991jmoney:

    They literally did drop 10-million by helicopter in Iraq and lost track of it.

  • 1991jmoney:

    He cant be fired by the government the federal reserve is a private bank.

  • 1991jmoney:

    Lol a bank bosses the United States around. They want war they print the money they want resources they de-value the currency and buy shit for pennies on the dollar. What was the point in a revolution?

  • tomcomm:


  • Mr2013skywalker:


  • Mr2013skywalker:

    BEN this I.S your last DANCE

  • OrmondRendering:

    M1 money $100 trillions why not??? reason? ROBOT, COMPUTER, and SOLAR make powerful economy system., and unemployment will drop 0% zero! but inflation? sometime double or triple (200% yr or about 15% per month inflation but not hyerinflation so much).

  • HoneySiegalSurvivor:

    Bankster Bernanke and the man dba Barack Hussein Obama 11 are being paid to bankrupt the USA. The Federal Reserve banking schemes using the fraudulent estates of me “deceased” by these bad actors is the source of the manipulation of the global debt by the real main man who has infiltrated the global economy. @SenatorJimDeMint please do your job. Dec.7/99 deposition of the plaintiff in CV98-11374 State of Arizona has the attorneys dissolving the USA. Main man taking the 5th. Honey Siegal(NOTDEAD)

  • BGoldtone:

    Does any one on this planet believe for one minute that this clown Bernanke knows anything at all about how to best manage the fed? Every time he opens his mouth the economy goes south.
    We are living in a time when it seems we have the absolute worse people in charge of every aspect of managing the affairs and operations of our country. And when they screw up, which is always, no one gets in trouble and no one goes to jail. This country is doomed.

  • jd2569:

    Hemi, Bernanke was confirmed for a second term as chairman on January 28, 2010, after being re-nominated by President Barack Obama.

  • yahoopl3:

    trillion here, trillion there, 100 billion more per year for the fed, no biggie…fucking scumbag

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