Coffee, oil, copper, wheat, gold, coin. They are all commodities and besides being needed for production, investors use them as a hedge against inflation. Here’s everything you need to know in under three minutes. Check out full episode of “Capital Account with Lauren Lyster” at Follow Lauren on twitter
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Follow us @ Amid high oil and gasoline prices US President Barack Obama demonized oil speculators in a speech, proposing more regulation. He said he wants lawmakers to fund a six-fold increase for surveillance and enforcement staff at the Commodities Futures Trading Commission to put “more cops on the beat” overseeing oil market. He’s asking Congress to empower the CFTC to raise margin requirements for traders’ oil positions and raise penalties for market manipulation. We have some proposals of our own. How about getting the cops already on the beat to enforce rules on the books, which appeared majorly lacking in the MF Global bankruptcy for example? And as for stiffer fines for manipulation, what about going after the accusations of manipulation already going on in for example the silver market? As for the price of oil and what’s really behind it what role does a weak dollar play? We talk to commodities expert Dr. Stephen Leeb. He’s author of “Red Alert” and also Chairman & CIO of Leeb Capital Management. While we’re on oil, we ask if the Argentinian government’s move to take control of its largest oil company YPF, despite political fallout, is the latest example of the increasing tension between energy and the economy? The Spanish company Repsol is the controlling shareholder, and the company, Madrid, and others are angry for obvious reasons about the move to nationalize YPF. But here’s what the Argentinian president reportedly said defending the

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  • 24CharlieHorse:

    your stupid.

  • cityshots:

    coca cola is running the cain campaign and pushed the penn state fluff, had on the shelf

  • Xather15:

    Haha well sue me you uptight wanker. This won’t be the last either. So leave me alone so I can masturbate to this video again.

  • jrustystafford:

    @12oc7ock dude I was thinking the same thing! When that dude walked out I was waiting for her to unzip his pants. His acting was that horrible.

  • peepeevagi:

    And i dont mean political asinine fox either. Here at home, local fox news 4 wasn’t even allowed to set up lights to cover “Occupy dallas”. To the point that the protesters threatened them with bodily harm and harsh insults. It’s pathetic that they dont even realise that it’s not the same fox >.>

    But my point is, RT is SUUUUPER duper biased when it comes to occupy whatever.

    Also, for the ‘R’ in RT, i wonder when they’ll cover some of the shit in russia going on :U

  • peepeevagi:

    No, biased because it supports it IN EVERY DETAIL. They’ve gotten behind EVERY lame ass story that’s come from the occupy movement, furthering the biased truth that they’re all a bunch of peaceful protesters. Considering that a great deal of the pro-occupy footage is taken sickeningly out of context (And in some cases stuff is faked, like the guy getting run over by a scooter) and that those protesters get violent when fox rolls around to reccord… well, it’s biased :/

  • salvador0919:

    lol, their editor sucks. I should check it out, someone was telling me about it at work the other day.

  • XsweetstarliteX:

    I agree, HOWEVER, i’m not sure socrates actually believed in the theory of the forms.

  • TheSelfGoverned:

    CNN wants you to hold onto your 401Ks and mutual funds FOREVER.

  • 37712:

    I feel she is talking to us are if we where middle school kids. obvious info here don’t waist your time watching.

  • TechnoKamilS:

    biased because it supports the occupy movement?

  • mattyelle1:

    I know I’m knit-picking here, but the credit should go to Socrates. His student plato simply took his phylosophical concepts and put them into writting…of course he expanded on them, but that’s like giving full credit to Bill Gates for computers!

  • mattyelle1:

    Really, buzzkill? The irony here is your stupid comment was the buzzkill bro. It was 100% irrelevant. I understand you meant it in a “fun” way, but dude it wasnt very cool for you to point that out in the open. Show some manners, and respect others personal lives. Your probably just like this on youtube anyways…troll.

  • Xather15:

    You are obviously a buzzkill. I’m pointing it out because it’s funny. And I’ll do it again!

  • MMAGRO1:

    How come you don’t hear this common sense on cnn?

  • look2explore:

    Hmmm…I’m starving… I think I’ll be coming to Greece soon… to pick up on the comm oodities HOT on the market, when all lysts loose. Starvos..makes you wanna go Hmmm

  • XsweetstarliteX:

    Okay, this just helped me understand Plato’s theory of the forms, I guess knowledge can be found anywhere. Thanks RT!! :D

  • 12Oc7ock:

    wow I thought I was watching the intro to a porn

  • imRyRy:

    Exactly. It’s something to take into consideration. The price of commodities are easily manipulated.

  • sirellyn:

    The commodities themselves are finite. The vehicles people use to sell them sometimes may not be.

  • hiimkaith:

    She wants his meat.

  • ZoneTelevision:

    .. the individual who becomes a mechanic knows that motorcycles, cars etc eventually require maintenance, is it the motive for a mechanic, doctor, police, lawyers to hope that motorcycles cars, people, break down get sick or violate the law ? This is a good question because we see “wealth” being generated by promoting negative axioms that do not help place (value) on anything but self defeating or self destructive human activity. So money is not at fault, it is misplaced values.

  • mattyelle1:

    How is this any of your business? And how could you assume that based on this video? Like, I understand its a possibility, but so what?

  • ZoneTelevision:

    (Money) does not have the ability determine how it is used. How Money is used is contingent on an individuals value system i.e. what they place value on. e.g. If values are misplaced then “need” arises from a lack of trust (giving way to crime) hence the need for “police”. I do no value crime hence i refrain from breaking the law. However; laws are and have been written to propagate the generation of (wealth) NOT (compensation)…

    determines is inanimate and is little more that

  • alhansen75:

    He’s in that movie “Trading Places” they pullled the clips from. Hilarious movie btw.

  • thearchitect27:

    Let’s embrace it…the American way of life is miserable beyond belief. Suburbia is as unsustainable as it gets. The American way of life runs on oil. When oil runs out, so does the American way of life!

  • darthvader5300:

    Then how come we Russians were able to drill for oil below the level where fossils can be found and produce it in quantities outproducing Saudi Arabia? Chiral isomers and lipid remnants are found in abiotic oil when geological inorganic abiotic oil has to rise and pass through the fossil bearing layers thus carrying along with them with those stuff. Why don’t people buy a two way ticket to Russia and Vietnam White Tiger Oil Fields with independent non-biased experts and see for yourselves.

  • sidharthafocus:

    On average it is a rising trend. First oil went to $140 when economy was very powerful and housing market was strong, minor speculation may have had some small part of that. When the economy cracked oil went too low, partly due to the serious leverage on commodity market, forcing huge margin calls. Now it is back at fair value and resuming the rising trend.

  • sidharthafocus:

    That coal may be thousands in width, but not in thickness? Access to produce can be difficult and expensive. Work is being done to evaluate burning in in situ to release natural gas and hydrogen. Abiotic oil is essentially an urban legend, there are no economic quantities of abiotic oil and gas. The presence of chiral isomers and lipid remnants confirms that all commercial oil has biological origins.

  • TheRightToSpeak:

    RT Should interview Michael Ruppert, he could give a better look into the “Energy Crisis”

  • darthvader5300:

    Oil running out? Haven’t they heard of abiotic oil and abiotic natural gas? What about the old and reliable Karrick Retort technology that can cheaply extract 1 barrel of oil from every ton of oil and turn all coal mines into an oil well? Haven’t they heard of the giant coal basins of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick that are several thousand feet to 13,000 feet thick?

  • SuperGogetem:

    yeah, that’s what I don’t get. If the price is relative to scarcity, then why did we see oil at $40 a barrel a couple of years ago? Wouldn’t the price always follow a steady rising trend?

  • Zooni2:

    Lauren when the people who seek to gain profits see regulations as a hurdle they do a few things. 1) Get a insider in power in both law enforcement and regulation. 2) Have laws passed to create loop holes and change laws 3) De fund and unman enforcement. 4) Purchase all the politicians who have power over the industry. Obama’s step is a positive step, but like all things only part of the solution.

  • RogueReplicant:

    At 9:20, absolutely wrong. It is not overly expensive to gradually convert 50% of America’s cars to natural gas. The conversion kit is no more than $600, which the government could subsidize. There are countries, such as Thailand, whose entire bus & taxi fleets and over 50% of private cars run on dual LPG/gasoline engines. What is lacking in America is the will.

  • joelie83:

    Stephen Leeb - refreshing intellience

  • joelie83:

    Nice brain Lauren

  • yoyuepz:

    who wants high silver? Better to have it lowwwwww to keep getting more of it :)

  • hhhaaa68:

    Let’s have more wars and chaos and jacking up Iran and Syria so the oil gets cheaper!

  • HaoSci:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, scarcity, fluctuates more like stock price.

  • rsoptions:

    How about manipulation on silver? Ongoing silver investigation by the CFTC close to 4 years long (or a full term of a US President) without resolution. Let’s see how long an oil investigation takes if they initiate on.

  • ht3oldnavy:

    Hitler ran his war machine on an artificial fuel… supplied by the idea and sources from good ole USA. And I’m sorry but what GOP or republican dinner table does this guy sit at the end of the day

  • 24Adrian24:

    Nicole Foss has an excellent take on peak oil and alternative energy, but I guess she doesn’t fit the profile of a “good” Capital Account guest so they refuse to have her on.

  • LordDyhalto:

    The context of the peak oil debate is, and has always been, based on a limited quantity of oil remaining on earth. A rapidly declining resource; which is wrong.
    If you want to talk about supply and demand characteristics, reference my first post where I clearly stated that the current price of oil is being driven not by honest free market supply/demand fundamentals, but by a bunch of speculators hoping missiles will pelt Iran.
    If you want to re-frame discussion so you can ‘win’, go elsewhere.

  • ApocalypticAang:

    “agree with leeb to a point. where he loses me is on the chinese energy policy. “we” should do this and “we” should do that!  how about everyone do what they want.”

    Err, developing energy resources take years and even decades– and one of flaws of capitalism or free markets is a focus on short term losses and gains… that’s why almost all nations have state authorities/departments managing them.

    I mean, most nations only have around 6 months of strategic reserves (immediately usable oil)

  • ApocalypticAang:

    “Also, sad fact : Global oil supply is increasing”

    No, the sad fact is that people still can’t distinguish between stock/supply and FLOW (aka RATE/SPEED of supply/distribution)– just like the way people go about the inflation/deflation debate talking about the (increasing) supply but not the (decreasing) flow of money.

    The MARKET supply of oil, which is determined– just like money– by its suppliers… so skip the talk about reserves/supply or new technology and show the MARKET the oil.

  • ApocalypticAang:

    “There is no shortage of oil! It is caused by artificial shortage and higer cost caused by the weakness of the dollars.”

    LOL, that’s like saying there is no shortage of water– err, I don’t think we are able to dig immediately usable water or oil wells at our front door yet…

    People, we are talking about MARKET scarcity here– aka, the scarcity of a product IN the market that produces and delivers it– you know, the market were you or your distributor/retailers goes to get the product?

  • soulstormyweather:

    …and who was the biggest beneficiary of the bailouts, gave GS tons of his own bailout money (our tax dollars) and now he wants more of it, through the guise of him and rich buddies being taxed more. Taxing them means nothing, the middle to upper mid-class get spanked, and that money goes to the big 6 banking cartel and The Fed’s debt service and interest the garbage government owes them. Buffet is an internationist piece of trash, and as anti-american as it gets. So yes, taxes are up, sorry.

  • soulstormyweather:

    Aloyna doesnt seem to be all there on the tax issue at the end. First off, taxes were NOT always a policy, in fact it is illegal, nothing but a fraudulent ponzi scheme and backdoored into the county by foreign parasitic scum bankers who have hijacked America since. Furthermore, she says ‘taxes haven’t gone up’. Lol, what? Did she not just here about the Buffet Rule? Yes, good ole Mr Magoo wants to raise taxes, as if he will be effected when he is not, and lobbies for the loopholes….

  • udical:

    oil scarcity produce moral hazard and manipulation of every kind, and yes china is big problem destroying moral on west, Leeb is absolutely right, sorry perspective is wrong

  • udical:

    there are less and less of new oil fields that is fact… less oil

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