Report describing why & how the Obama Adminstration and state governments outsourcing jobs to Chinese companies/workers instead of hiring American companies/workers. Where’s the executive order on this one buddy?

31 Responses to “Obama Outsourcing Jobs to China”

  • lonesquaw:

    I didn’t see the Obama administration at fault. I saw California outsourcing. I have heard many times there is a shortage of welders in the US. Maybe we need more voc/ed.

  • mattaki:

    bzzzzzzzzt bs

  • jpghr2011:

    When was the last time you visited the washington DC area? I do road constuction now thanks to the recesion. I worked there and fairfax VA. 2009 10 11 You go in walmart or anywhere you think you are in hong kong there are so many chinese. chinese writing everywhere. and these people are the worst drivers in the world If you dont believe this go see it for yourself. Then you will know why our country is in the fix it is in.

  • Wingnutserstoopid:

    Holy Shit! How stooooooopid. Obama didn’t outsource these jobs. The individual states did in order to save money.  Drink some more Kool Aid, morons.

  • RevelationGJS:

    Why doesn’t the American government penalize these companies and corporations that outsource jobs to China like Apple, Dell, Microsoft and NIke among others. These companies take advantage of others for their money and greed. The reason why China produces more goods is because the workers have no rights and cant even talk to anyone or go to the washroom etc. Its run like a military there and no wonder there have been suicides like at Apple factory Foxconn.

  • GirlPagesNetwork:

    NEWS: I love you Obama, but this has got to change. The money you may save paying China, you are paying in unemployment.

  • jjsaturn93:

    Jobs are leaving China and they are going to India.

  • yeahryt74b:

    What a bunch of suckers thinking the Federal gov’t cares about us!

  • TheJeffSoares:

    Yes, keep in mind, this isn’t corporations outsourcing jobs to china, its our OWN government outsourcing jobs to another country, handing over money they took from US.

    Nice. Where’s the outrage? Nope. We’re consentrating on the Witney Houston shiney object over here….

  • TurboDLT:

    YES WE ARE MORONS ….We need to Build a new government…and people say….if you don’t VOTE…then don’t complain…..BULL SHIT….there isn’t one person we can VOTE for that is on our side…..

  • TurboDLT:

    I live in the most back stabbing country on the planet….America can shit on us and still look good….it is everyone in government, don’t hate on one person in government and think you can like someone else….they all SUCK!!!

  • pageglen:

    Yes We Can!

  • 1952puddin:

    give america to china

  • teslacult:

    What he means to say is, they cant find welders for 50 cents and hour.

  • pixel00706:

    Barack Obama has to check under his bed for Ron Paul every night before he can get to sleep

  • WarrenEdwardBuffet:

    Let me get this straight. America borrows money from China. America then builds infrastructure. To do that America sends the money it borrowed from China back to the Chinese to hire their workers and companies. After the bridges etc are built, American tax payers continue to pay a “stupidity tax” AKA interest to the Chinese for the next, I don’t know, FOREVER? Americans, you are morons.

  • Angelinalind11:

    Ok, so let’s say, the government put sanctions to those companies who outsource jobs. Let’s say, they hire here. What do you think it will happen? they are NOT going to lose profits! they are going to INCREASE PRICES to cover the hire costs in hiring here! and guess what, they are going to pay the MINIMUM WAGE to those employees! so at the end: people suffer paying 4 times for the same thing but don’t get paid proportionately in wages. So now YOU think about it.

  • CulpepperMinuteman:

    Chinese workers are SLAVES. We cannot compete with SLAVES< unless we become SLAVES.


    how can usa can done this job when usa is such a cry baby about labo public sectorr union tell me not to work or fair higher pay for the workers….lol

  • TheJeffSoares:

    Is it the corporations fault. No, they are only trying to make a buck, and by way of economic nature they will continue to do so. Who’s fault is it? Who ALLOWS this kind of behavior from American companies? Who, in fact has made it LEGAL to out source jobs to anywhere around the world putting millions of Americans out of work and dependent on handouts. The GOVERNMENT. Thats who. Think about it.

  • TheJeffSoares:

    I don’t think its realistic for American workers to compete with Chinese workers where there are no regulations, are partical or completely government runned companies, no enviormental laws, no limits in fact, some workers working 35 hours straight! being payed pennies a day.

  • Reido2828:

    Obama needs to be kicked out of office. The drones are taking over, the people who are more about their philosophy then humanity. Obama is a bastard, war monger and should be impeached along with Bush and Cheney. Fuck you Mr. Obama you fraud! You and all your pathetic followers are killing our country. You are the parasites of America!

  • ownerowner100:


  • ha2ter:

    The chinese need to spend there vacations here and there money, not ours!

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