The coming collapse.

Richard Nixon took the USA off the gold standard in 1973. Bill Clinton got rid of Glass Steagull in 1999, which took down the separation between the activities of Investment Banks (non-secured) and activities of Commercial Banks (FDIC Secured – tax payer secured). Wall Street and the world of finance have since become a global casino dealing derivatives now estimated at 1.4 quadrillion dollars from only billions fifteen years ago. Bloomberg News reported a secret cabal runs the world of finance. A world market correction and subsequent economic depression as the world has never seen is coming. SECRET BANKING CABAL RUNS ECONOMY – Bloomberg News NY TIMES A Secretive Banking Elite Rules Trading in Derivatives original article: The Coming Derivatives Crisis That Could Destroy The Entire Global Financial System

52 Responses to “Lindsey Williams Urgent Update: Derivatives Market Collapsing & JP Morgan 1/2”

  • EvaggelionMinistries:

    The problem with Lindsey Williams is that he is long-winded … and the nonsense he was spouting off concerning the alleged coming uprise in oil price (which was supposed to happen 12 – 18 or so months ago) … never even came close to happening.

  • FootPrintsUC:

    “Something in the Wind”?, Indeed! The day this video posted US Senate Voted 99-0 on The Presidents Budget! Just days B4 FB ipo/G8-Summit/NATO confab… and of course 3 weeks B4 Bilderberg Group Meeting in Chantilly, [laced w/Ron Paul death threats] Virginia …. stay tuned

  • Maya2007yo:

    Does Mr. Lindsey Williams have any more messages for us? Im getting bored!!!

  • HorChild:

    White people are the thieves and terrorists of the earth – They murder, without ceasing, all over the planet – their goal is to murder billions and enslave the rest – AS PROPHESIED!!!!!

    White people are the BEASTS of prophecy – Gog and Magog (Europe and Russia) – doing Satan’s work on the earth!!

  • urgentmissionrecords:

    I do not trust this man or his beady eyes, he is one of them fact anyone with discernment spirit would be able tell this. Hundreds of vids on YT and all these people have inner contacts, its funny a spy op on a psy op and put out to spread to make what is said come to pass, a very dangerous man and anyone who claims they have so called contacts, That is a dead give away.

  • VEScott:

    Apparently, he was hired to help the actual workers on the pipeline with their personal problems, and it increased their productivity, and therefore, the bottomline. After a while they allowed him to sit in on their meetings. I will say that he was in contact with oil higher ups, not the “Bilderberg”-level elitists. They would NOT be talking to a Christian minister, IMHO.


    Sounds like a panic tactic to me, 2 billion doesn’t mean anything to J.P. Morgan. 2 Trillion doesn’t mean anything.

  • wavepattern:

    Why does he take 10 minutes to give 20 seconds info??
    Blah blah blah…little or no accuracy nowadays

  • wavepattern:

    ‘Something major’ is always going on in derivatives market.
    Lindsey DID have very accurate info years ago…last 2 years he is just guessing or his ‘elite’ informers r giving him disinfo.
    Also if LW really has this inside info, he could say EXACTLY what was about to happen; with whom, how much…how often…
    LW is just guessing now or being fed disinfo: last 2 years u would be more accurate tossing a coin than his ‘elite’ info…

  • MrGchiasson:

    They have leveraged themselves into a nightmare…so fragile that any ‘burp’ could start a global-panic selloff…. 

  • MrGchiasson:

    Gambling with $70.1 trillion in derivatives… On the edge of a abyss that would make 1929 look like a minor nuisance…

  • OilTradingAcademy:

    Guess who has reptilian eyes?


    Now maybe you understand what really is going on…..

  • angizoink:

    Thank you for that information. Yeah confusion, they’re very good at that. These so called “truthers should be diseminating facts not faction. At least in this programme, he actaully get to the meat rather than putting listeners through a needless 10-15min sycophantic pr-amble

  • meonetallguy:

    Yup…everything will be “magically delicious”….

  • meonetallguy:

    He was a Chaplain on the Alaskan pipeline…while there he came into contact with many of the big “movers” in the oil and energy industries. Not praising Lindsey in any way, just sharing the info. Is he believable? Not really sure…these days it’s very difficult to figure out who the hell is telling the truth BUT that’s part of the game also…keep us all confused…CHAOS!!!!

  • angizoink:

    Thne why isn’t he their chaplain now? Why would the elite need a chaplain? They are a group of pschopaths! THEY HAVE NO CONSCIENCE! Please, it’s a complete contradiction, beleive me, if the elite wanted to exercise a concience through an emissery, they’d choose someone for mar cogent and articulate than Lindsey Williams. How right has Williams’ so called forcasts been in the past, not that consistantly acurate.

  • Motoicon:

    Thats when we made our emergency CD…..Major decisions are being made as we speak

  • shone1178:


  • wheresozwaldo:

    He has wooden teeth

  • DemonWizzard:

    Which ever one has the highest redundancy. lol

  • whitethronebooks:


  • tw19771:

    guy spends most of his time in his rants saying he has insider friends and how his information is vitally important. and basically what he is saying here is that somebody is a psychic with perfect insight and information in the markets forcasting this. If anybody had that kinda knowledge they’d be using it to make quad trillions and not telling this guy the sky is falling.

  • sliceandice08:

    yea lindsey loves to take ages haha

  • oregonmeds:

    Yea baby, here we go. Aoooga Aoooga Dive Dive Dive…

    Don’t worry folks it’s all part of the overall recovery. Any day now the recession is going to get better, and we’ll be swimming in magically delicious lucky charms of wealth again.

    This statement does not reflect the views of the democratic or republican parties, or any candidate but is brought to you by Post, the cereal with the most, who need toast when you have a leprechaun.

  • junevi2000:


  • villainsrule:

    Don’t engage the trolls, you’re just wasting your time. Anyone who thinks countries stand on their own is ridiculous. You have idiots who think we are smooth sailing and then you have idiots who think they will survive the coming collapse/war unscathed. Even if the usa was the only country collapsing (which it isn’t) they would bring the whole world down with them! WWIII is all but ensured as it is the last ditch effort to purge the population and maintain control.

  • Motoicon:

    I was fortunate enough to watch all of Milton Friedman’s free to choose series as a teenager. I then read all his books and then went on to Von Mises, Fredrick Hayek, Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams. Thanks for the vid. Very good

  • dd00hli:

    The 2 party paradigm is merely part of the great distraction that is politics. Maynard however was an agent of the anglosphere mercantile banker elite. Fabian marxism, social darwinism, collectivism and keynesian theory are all instruments designed by the ones practicing mercantilism. They have been working towards complete control of the world for some time. This time now is the 3rd try. They will not stop.

  • nteetee:

    There seems to be a great deal of consensus among everyday Republican and Democratic voters about derivatives. They’re both disgusted with banking excess and want to see the banks reigned in. But there seems to be a strange disconnect as it translates to policy. Democrats supported the bailouts to prevent economic disaster, but then tried to pass regulations to prevent the mess from happening again. Republicans fought the bailouts but blocked regulations. As a result, nothing has changed.

  • Gizziiusa:

    the biggest bubble of them all.

  • ajcarpy2005:

    Aquaponics and other methods of Resilient Self-Sufficiency. Essentially, De-Couple yourself from cash.

  • dcarrington84:

    off the gold standard in 1971 to be exact

  • TheBjd1709:

    This cuts the bankers monopoly and the corporations will have to produce and money cannot make money by interest in any substantial quantity.The rich stop sucking up all the wealth.

  • TheBjd1709:

    Outlaw derivatives, fractional reserve banking, fiat currency allowed in each individual nation, with no reserve world currency. The currencies have to compete and whose value is proportional to their productivity.Set an unimpeachable interest rate standard, rather low.The productive will prosper, the inter dependency will eventually spread to whole world and raise the standard of living of all.

  • dynoplasm1:

    Anyone payng attention knows that the Vatican is the Ring Master of this whole fiat fiasco, stealing the wealth of the people, creating fake debt based money to enslave the entire world, to take over foreign governments in their obsessive creation of the New World Order, to fund criminal wars of aggression, using CEDE & Co. to be a clearing house and to house the receipts for capital, including the receipts of human capital through legal fictions via the 1993 bankruptcy scam. Occupy Rome !!!

  • mabank:

    When the world economy crashes, do you think China will simply stay there and laugh? Do you think their economy is not based on the same shit? Or Russia? And pakistan isn’t even worth mentioning. Do you think the USA are going to silently die and let some other countries take over the world? LOL, dream on…

  • EdR77203:

    Ron Paul in a Dec debate said that the Fed had lent $17 T to the banks here and abroad. Why? The banks don’t lend it, they hold the $17 T so that they would have a cash base to keep the derivative market afloat. $17 T is more than the GDP of the US. So does the Fed regulate the banking industry per Dodd Frank or do the banks own the Fed? If the derivatives blow up that $17 T evaporates.  The banks have found a super way to privatize the gains and socialize the losses.

  • chromelung4:

    Is that Mao Tse Tung behind Milton at 3:03?

  • dikroxem:

    Derivative is a mathematical term, commonly known, seldom used, and has little to do with any economy. Politicians who own mainstream media, MSM, or, who are owned by MSM, promote derivative investment, well, lets go to VEGAS and SHOOT OUR WAD! This is what our Federal government has done with our national savings and belief in freedom and liberty of the individual. If you thought you were tucking away, You are now *ucked away! Because inflation % higher than interests = – income! RON PAUL!

  • DgurlSunshine:

    Derivatives = BETS…. OCCUPY THE MACHINE

  • TomFoti:

    Hey Brian, did you post this? Very informative. People have to know about the causes of the financial fiasco. When you follow the money, it only leads a few places, and you’ve pretty much nailed them. Wall Street, the City of London, the District of Columbia, and the Vatican. That’s where you find the fingerprints of the individuals controlling the marionettes. And they are a paltry few. We are the many.

  • amy2x:

    Thanks. Video Comment Approved :-)

  • sassysunable:

    Yes they do. NWO is everywhere. why you think they HAARPed Japan? Because they do not want to be part of NWO / Asian Union! This is global and has been for hundreds of years…

  • apacheslim:

    NWO is the anglo american empire. No more no less. They dont fucking control CHina India Pakistan or Russia. That most of the worlds population. Your fucking new world order isnt the whole word just because it FUCKING HAPPENING IN AMERICA DOESNT MEAN IT HAPPENING ALL OVER THE FUCKING WORLD YOU STUPID FUCKS!

  • greenback001:

    A “PERSONAL solution” would be for you to remove all of your money from the top tier criminal banks, support a referendum to not pay bankers the bogus debt, and reinstate a real free market economy. In short, vote Ron Paul and END THE FED!

  • Mremma14567:

    The problem is that we’ve seen this exact same information over and over and over and over! The feeble solutions that are offered are not doing the job and are easily squashed by corporateworld.
    What is a PERSONAL solution (without hurting my comrades)?

  • sizzlassiei:

    @northerntruthseeker yepp….and has been for 30+ years.

    Milton Friedman, while completely spot on in his ability to identify the problem, is a typical libertarian and is a COMPLETE FAILURE in how to fix it. the supply-side, nihilist, chicago school of Friedman-omics has been debunked on a GLOBAL SCALE and this failed “ideology” is a worldwide laughing stock.

    only a few idiot remnants of this idiocy still exist in the USA today.

  • offkilterent:

    six minutes into this video there is a guy talking that doesn’t sound natural. It sounds spliced together. Some words are not pronounced properly and there are many glitches. Hum?

  • northerntruthseeker:

    I am shocked that there are no comments to this point? Only 678 views?

    This is Financial Armageddon, and the sheep are not listening?

    Oh, well… I guess American Idiot, Dancing with Washed up Stars, and Survivor (in Paradise) are on the idiot boxes to keep the drones like zombies!

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