New Lessons for Moving Families by Naftali Feig

Cleveland, Ohio (PRWEB) June 12, 2012

When looking at a possible new homeland you must consider every aspect of your new life and compare it to your current life. If there are more negatives than positives regarding your potential new life overseas, than you should reconsider the move.

According to research gathered by numerous polls regarding the challenges of moving abroad, many consider the cost of living and finances a major hurdle. Certain aspects of your life overseas will be cheaper than your current situation, and vise versa. It is the ability to compare the relative cost of living in your current situation to your potential country that can show whether or not your finances can survive the move.

Those deciding to move abroad may struggle with loneliness associated to new surroundings, new experiences, and even new employment opportunities. Oftentimes, families feel lonely in a foreign land and climate until they become adjusted socially.

“My kids were lonely in the beginning,” said Naftali Feig. “It took us all a fair amount of time until we felt acclimated.”

Naftali Feig, a native Israeli resident, moved to the United States with his family when he was seven years old. While living in the United States, Naftali Feig attended various American schools and educational establishments. He eventually met his wife and together they began raising their three children in the U.S. Yet recently, the couple decided to move abroad, to Israel.

“I wanted to provide my family with a good life, and Israel has always felt like home,” said Naftali Feig. “Something about Israel just drew us back.”

While moving families consider loneliness and the cost of living as major challenges, cultural differences is another item to consider. Naftali Feig believes it is important to visit the country several times prior to relocating. He suggests families vacation in the area in which they want to move to, that way they can get to know the area.

Moving families must also investigate the healthcare system in their new destination. There are many differences, especially if you are switching from a socialist system to a capitalist system or vice versa. It is prudent for families to research the services that may or may not be available to them prior to moving, especially when it pertains to each individual’s health. Taking all medical records with you will also make things less complicated.

Moving families face additional challenges that include language barriers, education, weather, and distance from family.

Naftali Feig suggests families consider the move together. He believes that in order to put together a successful family move overseas, you need to ensure that all parties are 110% supportive of the decision.

“At the end of the day, if you move anywhere, local, long distance, international – there will always be challenges. Family members must consider all aspects of the move and work together to overcome the challenges,” Naftali Feig said.

There are many challenges for those deciding to move abroad that include loneliness, cost of living, cultural differences, language barriers, education, weather differences, distance from family members, etc. In order to avoid matters such as financial pressure, healthcare issues and others, it is important to do your homework well in advance in order to properly prepare for the new destination.

More About Naftali Feig

Naftali Feig, a native Israeli resident, holds 12 years of business and finance experience under his belt. Naftali Feig attended undergraduate and graduate school in the United States. Naftali graduated from Touro College with a Bachelor of Science in finance and recently he graduated from Cleveland State University with a Masters of Business Administration. Naftali Feig is a results driven business professional who is highly skilled at increasing revenue for organizations. His specialties include project management, accounting, strategy, planning, finance, real estate, and cost cutting. Naftali Feig is currently searching for challenging employment in Israel. He is married and has three children.

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