www.tonyrobbins.com Watch Tony Robbins discuss the trillion US national debt — how big is it really? And what can we do about the enormous federal budget deficit?
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28 Responses to “The National Debt and Federal Budget Deficit Deconstructed – Tony Robbins”

  • quicknuss:

    Great propaganda Tony, now you owe it to the libs and neo-cons to do a complete breakdown of government spending so they don’t dumber for having watched this.

  • recker24:

    I personally have no problem marginally raising the taxes on rich as a matter of fairness. But as a tool to reduce the deficit, it only gets us about .05% of where we need to go. Anyone who claims to be interested in reducing the deficit, and then cites higher taxes as their primary solution, is not being sincere and is not dealing in good faith.

  • recker24:

    That’s not the point the video is trying to make. If you want to argue that higher taxes on the rich should be imposed as a matter of fairness, that is fine, or at least worthy of its own separate debate.
    The argument here is merely targeted at those who either affirmatively argue, or try to blur the argument as President Obama has done on occasion, that somehow higher taxes on the wealthy will solve the deficit problem, therefore there is no need to discuss budget cuts to medicare, S.S., etc..

  • duckens2001:

    No one says that we should take every penny from the wealthy. But it would be nice if they paid “their fair share.”

  • 911jerseyboy:

    Robbins is just rationalizing his own inflated “value”. What classic narcissism! Ever heard his reasoning why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? To him it is all about perception and nlp (what he calls psychology). He never even mentioned the systemic problem of fractional banking or any real reasons for the disparities in wealth distribution. Go to hell Robbins with your “success” formulas and vision for humanity.

  • BeyondLame:

    maybe you should do a bit more research…..since you confessed to not fully understanding the situation

  • OkeenoUnleashed:

    what happened to getting rid of welfare and disability?

  • codematrix:

    Ron Paul 2012 is the solution.

  • ytuber971:

    Tony Robbins,after that brillant explanation how can you claim that taxing the rich more can be part of a solution?If you’re serious when you say you want to know other’s opibions you will
    answer me.

  • mikeyjwf:

    That’s an idiotic assumption.

  • MsDaniJT:

    I’m glad to see that he agrees that we must raise revenue. I wish he’d talked about the military when cutting spending. That’s where our budget is bloated. Do that and we don’t have to cut aid to the poor.

  • TheVocalguardian:

    An excellent visual conceptuality of the true economic position in America today. Politician Ron Paul has been talking about this issue for decades. I live in the UK and recognise the world needs a just and strong America. I would vote for Ron Paul if I could.

  • joepelham:

    Tony are you worried you might put people in disconnect and give up?

  • DinkerTinker1:

    That was a scary presentation. I am happy I am swedish and that I live in Sweden. Sweden will be affected as well (the domino effect), but we are in stronger financial position at least. Thank God for that. Sweden is a very, financially that is, conservative country.

  • MrImmanuelmolin:

    That was really interesting! Thanks Tony

  • marshallar1:

    Great job Tony! I only hope more people see this and think about this when they vote….or contact their Federal Representatives or bitch about the loss of some entitlements.

  • Lukyo1984:

    Bill Whittle did this kind of view too.

  • maverickguy12:

    Wow, great job breaking it down tony robbins.

  • deagleninja:

    Every liberal should be forced to watch this.

  • johnh173:

    The bankers have stolen the money through usury and illegal wars? What are you talking about services for the people? Did you miss the financial crisis of 08? Bloomberg news (Mark Pittman – RIP) sued the illegal private federal reserve and found out the real 08 bailout was 7.7 trillion – 11x 700 billion tarp lie. This allowed a small group of elite bankers to steal hundreds of billions from YOU and fellow Americans. Why would you pay it back? Do you allow thieves to keep their money?

  • freewriterguy:

    well ill tell you what, I didnt spend any of that trillions so my family should be exempt from paying, perhaps we should levy all the government employees assets who ran up the debt, cause we the people sure wouldnt have done it. Or, why dont we just print the money to pay it off, and run our own bank, why did we give all our power to private banks to begin with?

  • CozumelLiving:

    Ron Paul for President

  • bclonline:

    so lets see – the government spends too much and there’s no consequence? So my son spends $10,000 over the $10 allowance and I just have to pay up? I don’t need to pay more taxes….the government needs to spend less. The fact that the government has to support people beyond the basic services is just something some idiot decided – its not required.

  • dhood999:

    I didn’t think people could be this utterly foolish…but I guess it’s possible. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!
    or at least get yourself a good book on the basics of logic so you use your mind correctly. We don’t need the gov. confiscating the wealth of it’s people. We need the government to utter the minimum requirement to protect it’s citizens.

  • MrYorkshireFella:

    It’s a Ron Paul revolution

  • Jack:

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