Follow us @ Welcome to Capital Account. European banks are under pressure to raise capital and the Euro could collapse triggering panic in financial markets and another great depression. These are all warnings coming out of the international monetary fund. Central banks haven’t been waiting — they appear to be moving away from the euro by buying more gold. We’ll talk about it. And while we are on the topic of the IMF as policymakers descend upon washington for the Spring meeting — it seems all about rasing money to boost the IMF’s fire power aimed at putting out Europe’s debt crisis. But what about defaulting on the debt? How much debt can you throw at a problem caused by too much debt? Economist Michael Hudson joins us to give us his take. He always says “debts that cannot be repaid won’t be repaid.” And in our loose change segment, we cover recent efforts by British MPs who say savers that have been penalized by the Bank of England’s money printing should be compensated for it, while Citigroup investors say executives shouldn’t be compensated so handsomely for poor performance. This is a first for big US banks, but it doesn’t matter! We’ll tell you what we think.

In this episode, Max Keiser and co-host Stacy Herbert discuss how a video not featuring Justin Bieber went viral and how Max Keiser started a gold stampede. They also talk about “the white man’s debt burden” of Uganda’s resources and Afghanistan’s “crony capitalism”. In the second half of the show, Max talks to David Morgan about silver circles, ounces and manipulation. Follow Max Keiser on Twitter:

53 Responses to “Debt-ridden Countries IMF’d as “Euro Collapse” threat lures Bailout Bucks w/Michael Hudson”

  • roystonae:

    yes-shes a beauty and bright as a new penny.-what a dish is lauren-
    have max keiser on and stacy-two cheeky chops.

  • ginta baka:

    I love this. Just discovered RT today and can’t get enough. Honest news FTW.

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    Don’t u think she has the hottest legs in media?…  Lauren blows away that Megyn cunt from Fox News!

  • managarm1349:

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  • paggodiablo:

    Demand from your employer to be paid in cash

  • AffinityNetNews:

    The entire financial collapse was a staged event from the very inception of the EU. The goal of the globalists is to reconsolidate all hard assets/capitol into the coffers of the mega-banks.

    We’re now moving at light speed toward a Techno-Feudal Global Plantation.

    ” Future wars will be fought with food and money”. – Henry Kissinger

  • MegaYoutooba:

    great channel this RT , another great report , about time the people got more than just the corporate owned liar mainstream media ,, good job !

    also , damn , lauren .. dem legs *DROOL*

  • kev540:

    The world is run on money that does not belong, we are all being robbed and lied to daily. If we in all our powerfull nations withdrew all our money from the banks on the same day the system would crash because our money is not all there. At this point they would have to give us what’s ours and we the people would hold the power, money is power. Wait a few years if money goes electronic there will be no money to give you, your earnings will be used to controll the world. A slave to society.

  • kev540:

    The system is corrupt, we are moving towards world domination. One currencies one rule, soon we will have no cash it will all be electronic money that does not even exist, just a figure on a Screen, yours if they decide so. People need to open their eyes its all one big plan to make us all believe the economy is screwed so they can further control our money. Money is always out there just more and more of it falls into the hands of these powers who manipulate us and less and less is handed back.

  • MX3516:

    So out of control politicians need to keep spending money that will be taxed from future generations to support a false sense of prosperity and keep themselves in office. The system is broken.

  • marionetemanJ:

    Do you know that Christianity is correct? The world around us reveals that G-d DOES exist, and the historical evidence reveals that Jesus Christ really did come to this earth and there is overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ really did physically rise from the dead. Jesus is coming again and the signs of the end times that were foretold in the Bible are coming to pass.

  • johnlainekunkle:

    Keeping the printing presses going & restructuring debt is just digging the hole deeper. There needs to be a global debt jubilee, for individuals, corporations, & sovereign nations all. There needs to be a money supply that is guaged to growth in the GNP. Base it on a basket of commodities. Punish the criminals who abused the financial & political system & reboot the world economy. We haven’t run out of resources. We’ve just be misallocating them. Keeping the fraud going is maximum misallocation

  • johnlainekunkle:

    Obama has been handing out “favors” ever since his days at Occidental in exchange for his personal perception that he is gaining power and influence over the world. He doesn’t realize that he is only a “legend in his own mind.” He is President of the United States; imagines himself to be the emperor of the world, and is it’s savior in his own personal vision. In reality, he is only a tool that the oligarchs will use while it suits them & they will toss him under the bus as soon as they are done.

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  • Zooni2:

    Demitri is a 3rd world mind forced to live in a 1st world nation.

  • GEN237:

    My Country,the Netherlands, was promised or granted to have a voice in the top 20 (since we are one of the top 10 payers to IMF ) ,This is a promise made by Washington if we would stay in afghanistan according to Wikileaks .

  • johnny771977:

    I could worship Lauren – she is a tough little girl with brains and hot legs, lol

  • frmkt:

    Real capital comes from savings deposits and in turn that money is loaned to borrowers. The “creation” you might be referring to is “fractional reserve banking” where money is then created out of “thin air.” There’s plenty of info on this subject and I would recommend “mises dot org” for a good starting point and also check out The Money Masters for the history and explanation of money but you don’t have to focus on their solution. Good luck in your research. You’ll enjoy what you discover.

  • LGZEE:

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  • quicktimepools:

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    You guys remind me of Max and Stacey in this segment

  • Meulen79:

    @CapitalAccount LOL … I love the title of the video, Lauren!!!

  • TheMadronas:

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  • 24Adrian24:

    Using Robert Precters (sp?) gauge of miniskirt lengths and the way people feel about the economy, is it ok for me to assume that Lauren is feeling really bullish these days?

  • Retloth:

    Germany’s gold reserve has always been in US hands since ww1. Nothing new here.

  • realozzie:

    More like Bush, Kennedy and Roosevelt, dude. Max’s brains’re too valuable to waste on your favourite pastime.

  • newdispensation1:

    Don’t overlook agriculture.

  • JokersAce0:

    Obama sucks for the simple fact that he’s just as Republican as all the other Tea Party faggots. Along with the faggot Republican majority congress.

  • TWSceptic:

    The biggest cult is the leftist liberal democratic electorate, unaware of all the damage their great ‘leader’ the socialist fascist Obama has done to their country.

  • LeksServices:

    See how much value your gold has when the shit really hits the fan.

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  • William Bannon:

    Go Max!

  • Budvb:

    @JokersAce0 I dont like being a Rothschild slave….. do you?

    I don’t like the world they have created.

  • prosperandbehealthy:

    The week leading into Memorial Day weekend don’t be in New York. Things might not happen until May 26, 2012, however you might not be able to leave if you wait until the last minute.

  • conspiracytheory1066:

    Should be called Jews debt burden.

  • marktimmer2212:

    Why Max WHY? for the love of GOD man, ALex Jones?
    i could have known, with Keiser being your last name.
    i didnt want to see it, i guess.

  • Strateg68:

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  • 999ways:

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    Saying you have a masters in financial engineering and accusing someone ELSE of being useless in the same comment is pretty fucking rich, my friend

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  • TheJmangeri:

    devry university doesn’t count fucker

  • DeltaNordicAdvance:

    Well if that is the case then why is Max calling it the “white man’s this and that” when , if you look closely at that ‘class’ of ‘whites’, they are , well , all zionists! Hunh ?! Imagine that! The “class”, as you are calling them, is made up entirely of zionist jews and sabbos goyim! Eureka!

  • DeltaNordicAdvance:

    Oh yes of course, blame the little guy that is trying to feed a family , or start one, and not the ones that actually make policy and promote the situations that you mention. Funny thing about your response is that you basically admit that few jews enlist to fight the wars that they support politically, in overwhelming numbers. You basically just leveled the greatest criticism at and made the most glaring illustration of exactly what I’m talking about, I guess I should say thanks ?

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