Airline Pilot Turned Assassin Returns in a New Action Novel

‘Maximum Reach’ by Adam Hamedi

Oak Point, TX (PRWEB) May 18, 2012

Following up on his debut action/adventure novel, ‘Wings of Vengeance’, Captain Adam Hamedi brings back protagonist Austin Hunter for further adventures in ‘Maximum Reach’, edited by Charles Montgomer. Hunter has already suffered the devastating loss of his wife and daughter to a brutal rape and murder that sent him on a search for vengeance, and once again, at the beginning of ‘Maximum Reach’, Hunter is in a desperate situation.

As ‘Maximum Reach’ opens, Hunter is piloting a Boeing Business Jet at breakneck speed toward the Bangor, Maine airport, trying desperately to arrive safely before the nuclear explosive device in the plane goes off. Hunter had managed to kill the Al-Qaeda operative aboard, but not before the timer was activated.

And it’s not only his own life he’s trying to save. Ramping up the tension is the presence on the aircraft of Hunter’s new wife, Emily and several dear friends and associates—precious cargo—with the timer ticking, and everything depending on Hunter’s skill as a pilot. Can he bring them to safety?

Hamedi clearly draws on his own background and experience in several ways in this new tale. First, he uses his experience as a pilot giving his protagonist a way to travel the globe unsuspected—after all, it’s his job. With an affinity for the works of Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum, and company, Hamedi conceived of his protagonist Hunter as a respected member of the community who had the means to take justice into his own hands without detection.

But additionally, Hamedi draws on his personal heritage. Born in Ghana of Lebanese parents and raised in Lebanon by his grandparents, he takes the action of this novel, after its start in the air space over Maine, to Lebanon, where he follows the plottings of the Al-Qaeda operative who is determined to destroy an American city and willing to sacrifice his own people in the process. The terrorist plans to detonate 3 nuclear devices he bought from a Russian ex- KGB operative, while the CIA is trying to find and eliminate him and disarm the devices with the help of pilot-turned-assassin Hunter.

“I have seen too much destruction and hatred,” says Hamedi, “and wanted to share my views with everyone.” He hopes that his novel will “give people insight into the thinking process of a terrorist and how far he is willing to take his hatred.”

For those interested in the experience behind the novel, world travel, and flying, the book closes with the prologue and first chapter of Hamedi’s next work, his first foray into nonfiction and autobiography. In ‘Chronicles of a Freight Dawg’, Hamedi tells stories from his experiences as a pilot for Southern Air Transport and takes him back to Africa, the continent of his birth.

‘Maximum Reach’ is published exclusively in e-book format by The novel is available through several popular online retailers, including,, and Apple’s iBookstore. Hamedi has also written a first novel, entitled ‘Wings of Vengeance’, which introduces his protagonist, Austin Hunter, and is also available in e-book format. Author Adam Hamedi is available for interviews. Book reviewers may request a review copy of the e-book by contacting the author.

About Adam Hamedi

Born of Lebanese parents in Ghana, Hamedi was raised in Lebanon by his grandparents from the age of eleven months, and attended boarding school in Tripoli from the age of six. After attending the University of Egypt in Cairo, he moved to Texas, where he met his wife. The family moved often, living in Anchorage, Bangkok, Cyprus, and Tokyo, but finally settling in Oak Point, Texas. Hamedi’s wealth of experience clearly informs his fiction.


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