With the economic downturn, many companies look to send jobs overseas and save lots of money but what impact does that have here at home on the scores of people looking for work. (Nov. 13)
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

37 Responses to “Is Outsourcing to Blame for Lack of Jobs?”

  • phoenix30223:

    Is outsourcing responsible for jobs leaving America? I wonder….deeeeeuuuuuurrrr

  • mochafudgetruffle:

    Companies were outsourcing long before the economic recession.

  • you831able:

    Why in the fuck do you think they outsource? We are the 2nd highest taxed country in the world! If we lowered taxes on everyone to 10%, all those jobs would comeback to the USA… 14 trillion dollars sits in offshore banks, because the tax rate here is 35%. If you lower the tax rate all that money will comeback here to expand business. Why do you think India and China are getting all the business? Because it’s cheaper to make shit there! Increase taxes, and get more outsourcing!

  • SummerInTahoe:

    I thought this was another Onion News Video! LOL!

  • simontimon2:

    Large corporation can not survive with-out a big government to back them up

  • simontimon2:

    Big Government is in bed with Big Corporation. If I were CEO of a major corporation – let’s call it the Big Widget Corporation – I would love Big Government. That’s because I could:

    •lobby Congress to subsidize the widget industry, explaining how vital widgets are to the economy.
    •lobby for tariff protection against imported widgets. This will allow my company to gouge American consumers with higher prices.
    •lobby for regulations that would drive my smaller competitors out of business.

  • rickbar123:

    @simontimon2 A powerful gov that is at the mercy of the people and not the corporation is the only solution. The corporation is behind Hayek. The corporation wants a small gov. The corporation is licking their chops.

  • simontimon2:

    The government isn’t realistically going to manage the economy correctly, they’re corrupt, and they will never even completely understand Keynes in the first place.

    Central planning of an economy isn’t just about economics — it’s also about politics. And that’s where the “somewhere in the middle” train leads us — into the abyss, courtesy of fat, corrupt bureaucrats whose only goals are their self-interest. The irony would be amusing if it wasn’t destroying lives.

  • rickbar123:

    @simontimon2 Hayek, Misis and Freidman were paid hacks. The 3 Stooges sucked a ton of money from the filthy rich writing that dripple. The 3 Stooges, if not for the rich, would have had trouble finding a job in a back woods high school teaching home economics to toothless mountain girls. In fact, for a few years the Mount Perlin Boys sat around in a circle jerk waiting to get paid because the rich saw no value in them. Back to the Beck show for you, class is over. I have no time for a repeater.

  • simontimon2:

    “F.A. hayek road to serfdom”, where government have mistakenly tried to ensure continuing prosperity by centralized planning, which inevitably leads to totalitarianism.

  • rickbar123:

    @simontimon2 Yes. Price controls were very popular in America. The 40s, 50s, and most of the 60s and 70s saw price controls. See- Selling Free Interprise by Wolf. America never had a waiting list for TVs. You should also read – Capital Moves by I forget who the hell wrote it. “Capital Moves” tells the story of RCAs flush down the toilet in search of cheap labor and less regulation. We the people have small government, the corporations have the power of gov. That needs to reverse.

  • simontimon2:

    @rickbar123 “Price controls, once very popular in America” since when?
    What do you want? ten year waiting list for a TV just like in the Soviet Union.

    In the 1950′s the US produced the cheapest and highest quality products while paying the highest wages in the World. Back then, government was the size of a supermodel now it’s as big as Fat bastard.


  • rickbar123:

    @simontimon2 1- Smoot Hawley was from a time when America exported. The only thing America exports now are weapons. Most of, if not all of those weapon sales are funded by the American taxpayer. Smoot Hawley also was a farm based law. America exports nothing. Who cares about Smoot Hawley ? Economic law states importing everything and exporting nothing makes you Greece. Price controls, once very popular in America, would keep the cost of the TVs down.

  • simontimon2:

    @rickbar123 I guess you forget that the US did the exact same thing during the great depression. It was called the Smoot Hawley Tariff, In just one year unemployment tripled.
    “Enconomic law states that if you can’t import you also can’t export.”
    You’ll backruped the industry that export products.
    To make a TV in the US under the current regulation and tax system would cost 10 000$ you will impoverish the poor and make it that only the rich could afford anything.

  • rickbar123:

    @simontimon2 Imagine how fast factorys open and start producing when the most powerfull market in the world is closed to offshore manufacturing. Like I said, see ya. Go sell computers, phones and TVs to the Chinese that earn 300 bucks a month and sleep on the factory. I know Americans that have cable bills that run 300 a month.

  • simontimon2:

    @rickbar123 Imagine life with-out computers, shoes, phones, clothing, and TV.
    They’re would be riots on the streets.

  • rickbar123:

    @simontimon2 No Problem. See Ya.

  • simontimon2:

    @rickbar123 Take my stuff out of America and you will find those selves empty.

  • rickbar123:

    @simontimon2 Fine, stay in India. Just get your products off of America shelfs.

  • simontimon2:

    I make 50 000$ working in a mining camp in Canada
    Are you willing to work 12 hours a day 2 weeks in 2 weeks out.
    The job consists of cutting rock samples in half, 60 meters a day is the average.

  • simontimon2:

    I Will come back, when the the Fed’s stop taxing my ass off to pay
    For endless wars I do not approve of
    Corprate wealthare to my compediter
    Politicians making 6 figures for working 6 hours a week.
    At least the people in India respect me when I pay twice the average wage.

  • JohnWroclaw:

    Paper money is the problem in the US

  • danim8eer:

    7 people are jackasses!

  • cwc21c:

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  • crazysillybaby1:

    we the people dont give a shit about our neighbors

  • xXCOLEXx22:

    very good multi-taskers, dunno why people get mad at them D:

  • zubayar:

    Just shows how screwed up our system is. And our politicians are struggling creating jobs. It’s not lack of common sense, it’s lack of intent.

  • asuka2205:

    excellent! it shows how headquarters became bigger and rich…

  • VirtualAssistantInc:

    Funny video. This only shows how versatile a virtual assistant can be.

  • r1shabhM:

    this freaking video is just aking fun of indians…………….CURSE YOU!

  • avihan:

    A great one !

  • adisurd:

    Really funny

  • saritapurohit:

    Cool Ad… fit for our Indian atmosphere :)

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  • Lynn:

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