My interview with ‘Ranting Andy’ Hoffman about Derivatives, the MF Global debacle, silve & gold and current events. Music: “Danse Macabre” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.” The content in my videos and on the SGTbull07 channel are offered for informational purposes only. Use the details identified in my videos as a starting point for conducting your personal investigation and conduct your own due diligence (DD) Just before making any substantial investing choices. SGTbull07 assumes all data to be truthful and trustworthy however, I can not and do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this information. Thank you.

This is brief doc about financial derivatives. I wanted to make it with out employing graphs or being like a company presentation. So I utilized 2.5D style photographs. It’s the first time I have employed this technique so it was a studying encounter. Also it would be intriguing to hear if I have explained derivatives clearly. (Please be certain to check out Jive Dadson’s video on derivatives as well –​watch?v=UtwHz7xQZNI)
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42 Responses to “Ranting Andy Hoffman: DERIVATIVES DESTROYING THE WORLD”

  • t4705mb6:

    Yet another video regarding “protect yourself” – isolationism. A video about grabbing yours and making a run for it. Well, folks, that is EXACTLY what the NWO is doing. Instead of facing the future together in unity – grab whatever you can and make the most out of this for yourself. Money. Money. Money.
    When they come after your family and YOU, let’s see how easy it is to drag your ASSets around as you dodge the coming police state.
    Better start caring about each other!

  • shanecharris55:

    question. how does the price of silver go up if people stop buying paper silver in favor of physical through ebay

  • junkyarddog47:

    I expect a rapid downturn in our way of life within 3 months. Take a look how Hitler went through Europe beginning in 1939 and nobody paid any attention to him. Well we got the same going on now in the financial arena . Before the end of December 2011, it will be an economical blitz felt across the entire globe. Greece, Italy and the rest of Europe will fall with the COMPLETE COLLAPSE of the United States to come shortly thereafter. PEACE to each of you, because you will need it.

  • dynoplasm:

    Jesus said “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.
    So is Jesus also evil, or just me for quoting what he said?
    Was Daniel evil for writing down his vision that Antichrist would have power over all gold and silver, or just me for repeating the vision?

  • captvanhalen:

    @dynoplasm “You call me a Viper for pointing out the scriptures, and history about Gold confiscation in America?”

    I call you a viper for
    1) using the Bible to scare people away from gold and silver
    2) replying to yourself in hopes i won’t further discredit you

    Plain and simple. You are posting here in hopes to dissuade Americans from protecting their saving with the only option, gold and silver. And you will say anything and pretend to be anybody in order to accomplish your evil task.

  • dynoplasm:

    You call me a Viper for pointing out the scriptures, and history about Gold confiscation in America?
    Jesus said “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. Jesus said I would hated by evil men for obeying him

  • captvanhalen:

    @dynoplasm “The sentence you cite in quotes was not from me”

    The braces were my interpretation of your poison, viper. You are merely trying to scare people away from gold and silver and we are and have been aware of the intentions of your employers for years, newbie.

  • dynoplasm:

    Why are you misquoting me? The sentence you cite in quotes was not from me. Therefore you are speaking with the forked tongue. But yes, there are many other ways to store wealth that may have a better chance of not being confiscated. Calling people names is always the approach of people who place agenda over logic.

  • captvanhalen:

    @dynoplasm1 “I would hate to see everyone [buy gold and silver]. There are other ways to store wealth.”

    Your tongue is that of a forked viper’s.

  • dynoplasm1:

    @captvanhalen No, not at all. I was just citing a couple scriptures that seem to say that the future leader of the World Government that Rome is promoting, will have power over gold and silver. As the metal was confiscated in 1933, I would think that it will be again. I would hate to see everyone put all their eggs in the basket that will probably be used as a collection plate for the Fascist World Order under Rome. There are other ways to store wealth, and the scriptures are warning us. Regards

  • javabarbarian:

    Good interview. Last time I looked Miles Franklin, only rich guys could buy there.

  • ryanskapa:

    I would think platinum would be a better buy than gold.

  • SGTbull07:

    @drpepperlover00 just logged on for the first time in 36 hours, thank you drpepper, you cats inspire me!

  • drpepperlover00:

    @SGTbull07 thank you thank you thank you! I delight in your updates and really really appreciate what you do. You are an inspiration to many!

  • grraadd:

    @TheSilverWatch agree with vampires… for all others you just need a trusty old rope :-) 

  • rolficus:

    cheers sgt your vids are great keep it going bro

  • universalsurfer80:

    @TheSilverWatch dont forget silver bullet for werewolf too. hee..hee……

  • dynoplasm1:

    I agree that selling the paper for real money is the hedge against inflation, and is a wise thing to do. My point is that it was confiscated in 1933, and Daniel says that control of these metal assets will not be with the people in the future, but will instead be with the Global Dictator who will be known for lying, destruction, and theft. Therefore I must conclude, that In the long term, it will not protect you. An exit strategy shoud be pondered with the time of the season.

  • captvanhalen:

    @BIGBKELtheGOD Beware the Cult of Steve! :O

  • captvanhalen:

    @angie7dino “and yet we FEAR the invisible man in the sky”

    YOU fear, which is why you pretend that entity does not exist. The problem with your argument is that we are talking about THAT WHICH CREATED THE UNIVERSE. Not an “invisible man” or the “tooth fairy” or a “flying tea cup” … THAT WHICH CREATED THE UNIVERSE.

    Even with our thumbs and logic, we have yet to answer that question. Your answer is to give up and pretend IT does not exist. Yet, here you are. Funny.



    “You might not realize it, but people who advocate atheism are part of a religion too. Real atheists don’t give a damn. These New Age atheists are the product of Albert Pike’s grand plan to wage a holy war across the globe. These New Age atheists are not atheists, they are just members of a religion that claims Man as God. And they don’t even know it.”

    Exactly! I think those Fools at Apple are a Religious Cult as well. Just went to an Apple Store with a friend and LMAO!

  • dynoplasm1:

    My apologies Tonjo. Please reference the book of Daniel Chapter 11, verse 43. Ezekiel was incorectly referenced. May God bless you in your query.

  • jimmyjames1981:

    anyone know if Jim Comiskey will be starting a new channel ?

  • 1964Plutarch:

    Are the good guys???? according to Bix keeping the comex open giving us a subsidiey ?? could they in our wildest dreams be allowing us a fighting chance if so…. don’t fail your children take anvantage of it and secure your,s and they’re silver positions while you can …… cheap silver …….. cheap silver……. cheap silver……….. will become a thing of the past sooner than later………keep stackin!!~~~~~~~

  • gspotjazz:

    Andy’s rants are my favorite part of the Miles Franklin newsletter.

  • TheMotionInPictures:

    @WildAces1000 Thanks!

  • WildAces1000:

    Great video…very well explained, thank you!

  • TheMotionInPictures:

    @Madorem thanks!

  • Madorem:

    Excellent! Excellent! Well said!

  • TheMotionInPictures:

    @greeksta59 – thanks for comments. Really good to hear.

  • greeksta59:

    Yes, I’ve watched a lot of vids, and this does the best to explain! THANKS!

  • TheMotionInPictures:

    @Krazyjakee – Thanks for comments. Yeap derivatives are pretty much just bets.

  • krazyjakee:

    No comments… rly? I’ve been through a few videos, this one explained it for me. I’m also shocked, I thought they would be more useful to the economy then just bets…

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