www.forextradingseminar.com/blog/ – Ever wonder what is genuinely attainable to obtain in Forex trading with no any ridiculous hype? The best way to uncover out is by consulting a Forex Trading Revenue Calculator.

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  • tradeartist:

    If you are having trouble placing trades you should use a different broker. But mostly people blame brokers and say its a scam because they don’t enter and exit trades at the time that would produce profit and dont enter for the right reasons. Brokers don’t make the market go up or down or flat. Charts are public for everyone all over the world and no broker makes the market move against one trader. Just learn to trade and then see if your results are the same

  • fatfantastic:


    Ive tried VANTAGEFX, but efter only 2 weeks, i have noticed that i ALWAYS lose, no matter which way i go.

    Their computer said MARKET COLSED, today (monday noght, about 23.00), then it let me trade again, a few minutes later.

    It often comes up with some reason or another, to prevent me form either selling or buying.

    Also, today, i bet buy and lose, at teh same time.

    It FLAT LINED, between the 2 lined for HOURS !

    And i mena LITERALLY flat lined.

    It is a MASSIVE SCAM, all of it!

  • G00n3r4Life:

    @tradeartist Im a novice when it comes to forex it will be much appreciated if you could explain to me if you lost 30 pips but then gain 50 pips. would it work out the same as just gaining 20 pips?

  • convictPKlol:

    I got a 3600% increase on 1 trade over the space of about 2 weeks.
    no joke, 400:1 risk leverage. WINNING

  • MegaTravelQueen:

    a great video, thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work!

    Have subbed and looking forward to new content :)

  • FreeFOREXautoBOT:

    wow, very nice . thanks for great inf

  • PhilJonesIII:

    The secret is in his words : ‘If you know what you are doing’. Money management is the most important. Control the losses and the profit takes care of itself. You MUST practice first. There are plenty of brokers offering demo accounts and although basically the same, there are differences that can make a difference.

  • lightningjackxxx:

    20 pips a day is really not a big deal. forex is a profit rocket sometimes. but it can also be a skydiver jump out of a nice private jet. but if u are not greedy and disciplined, 20% per month or more are realistic.

  • tradeartist:

    Yes it is difficult to get less than 20 PIPS per day if you are actually trading and winning and trade for more than 5 minutes. Beliefs control every aspect of our lives not just in the church. Most successful people work on reprogramming their beliefs constantly using NLP, hypnosis, etc. Its ok if you don’t “believe” that. Your results will depend on what you believe either way.

  • tradeartist:

    Sure that will work. Open and account with $3000 and trade for only 3 months. Another option would be to learn to trade. Then trade keep trading because you will earn profit continuously. But it is understandable why some people would want to stop after 3 months and not make any more money.

  • tradeartist:

    yes you would think so. But some brokers operate by keeping trades “in house” so that they make the majority of their income when traders lose rather than from the spreads or any interest they may earn by having the capital in their account.

  • tradeartist:

    please explain that to the many of us who are making money. Many people misunderstand what is meant by “trading against” you. It is not possible for a broker to prevent you from entering and closing winning trade. Some brokers operate by assuming the opposite postion as a hedge but they cannot prevent you from winning.

  • tradeartist:

    yes, that is what I try to explain to many people who ask how much capital is needed. I’m glad that you see that you can start with any amount but the time to build it will be different.

  • oldguitardude:

    I have to agree. I have been with a practice account for about 1 month and I have made more than 60% return. At that rate, you can make more than a million in less than 2 years. A start-up capital of USD250 compared to USD1,000 will have a delay of about 5 months to achieve the same result.

  • currencytradingg:

    If the broker has a deal desk and you open a mini account, you will not make money, I repeat you will not make money. They will trade against you, they even state it in the paper work you sign when you open account. Only a few that do not take the other side of your trade.

  • malthus101:

    Surely it’s in the Broker’s interest that your account becomes larger? After all, it’s sat in their account earning them interest, no?

  • xransierx:

    Very well said…. I agree 100%

  • UKKarsten:

    You can get more than 20 pips a day. I get more, eventhough I do forex part time only… Unfortunately. I would love to do it full time.
    And – the word “believe” belongs into the church. I am desperately exercising to get more feeling for reading my indicators properly.

  • MRINCON88:

    Where can I get a copy of that compounding Calc that you have?

  • tradeartist:

    Cool. What broker do you use? Might be time for a change. Seems like the best brokers are the “lessor of evils” . In our community I have heard mostly no complaints from traders using FXCM, ODL, AC Markets, Alpari UK, and Interactive Brokers. I’m interested to learn of any other good ones.

  • cel510me:

    I do believe you can win, and I should know , however brokers with dealing desks, are notoriously known, of messing with your accouint, like slippage, chasing losses, and requotes. My particular broker, must be the champion of “requotes”, specially if you are in big wins. So summarizing I do know you can win and I can vow for that, but I also know lots of 300+ pips perday winners and they would confirm what I just wrote.

  • tradeartist:

    A lot of people make more than 300 PIPS per day and have not had anyone “mess with their account”. But if you believe that it is not really possible to win in Forex it is best to stop watching these Forex videos and do something that you do believ in.

  • esr911:

    Sorry to everyone, but this is true. I bought the JPY 2 Lots on 1/9/2009 @ 90.852 and now it’s at 90.842 so thats about 31%. I won’t get out until I make 50% on my account or $5,000. Did I mention that this was done in a span of 2 days?

  • tradeartist:

    just contact some brokers and make sure they have super mini lots or maybe called micro mini. As long as the lot size is small enough you can manage a small account with proper risk management.

  • wwwForexsigcom:

    This is very possible with a large investment & some trading experience. Congrats on your earnings!

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    good info….

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