Philadelphia Apparel Organization United By Blue Cleans Up What Other people Leave Behind

Hegins, PA (PRWEB) December 29, 2011

The United By Blue (UBB) team, along with the help of 25 volunteers, removed over 900 tires from Brett Russell’s property in Hegins, PA at a cleanup in November.

For most of his life, Russell had been a competitive powerlifter, individual trainer, and semi-pro racquetball player. By way of all of his pursuits, he took active living to a new level.

All of that changed on New Year’s Eve, 1995, when he was driving to operate in Atlantic City, New Jersey. A hit-and-run drunk driver left his knee crushed so severely that the only fix surgeons could offer you was experimental surgery.

Negative luck struck once again numerous years later when a driver attempting to turn a corner slammed on her gas rather of her brakes and crashed into Russell. The second accident injured six disks in Russell’s upper back and neck, leaving him even with even far more serious disabilities.

“Since the accidents, I have not been able to do issues requiring substantial physical endurance or exertion,” he says.

Years later, Russell moved from Atlantic City back to his roots in the Ashland and Mount Carmel region of Central Pennsylvania. He purchased some property with the intention of constructing a cabin overlooking the creek that runs through it. Two accidents and a career spent operating a casino made the peaceful, scenic retreat especially appealing to him.

But no rest for the weary, it would seem. “I purchased the property with the aim of cleaning it up and producing it a good unique and relaxing place, but regrettably the property appears to have been employed as a dump area for years,” says Russell.

Enter United By Blue (UBB), a Philadelphia-based apparel brand that removes one pound of trash for each product sold. The start-up has been associating every transaction with a concrete environmental action because they had been founded back in 2010, and have given that removed 80,000 pounds of trash at more than 60 cleanups with the assist of over 1,000 volunteers.

UBB is a new brand of organization, difficult-wired to do environmental good. Preparing and hosting cleanups is part of its mission. They do their own dirty work, and public waterways across the country are cleaner as a result of their function.

UBB sticks virtually exclusively to public waterways, but the team knew that the waste on Russell’s property affected far more than just his stretch of creek. “It was dirty,” says Mike Cangi, UBB’s Director of Cleanups. “I mean, it was dirty.” So the team decided to see if they could host a cleanup on Russell’s property at Weishample Hollow and known as him up.

Russell was thrilled to have them. “It is actually impressive that people come forward and give of themselves and their time freely to support this world, and other people in it. I express my thanks for helping to accomplish what I am unable to achieve myself at this time,” said Russell.

The community support was overwhelming. One volunteer, Pam Ulicny, a neighborhood teacher and cleanup volunteer, had glowing issues to say about the occasion: “UBB pulled our community together to aid to clean up an eyesore and a nearby environmental concern. UBB demonstrated that in a single day a team of concerned people can come together, make a difference, and feel excellent about what they achieved. And UBB helped to inspire me to organize much more clean-up projects on my own.”

United By Blue is an ocean-friendly brand of apparel that removes one pound of trash for each item sold. The brand sells a line of organic cotton t-shirts, canvas bags, and artisan jewelry.


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