Your Key Secrets Announces New On the web Technologies Combining the Five Metaphysical Sciences, Personalized Psychic &amp Compatibility Readings in English and Spanish

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(PRWEB) December 27, 2011

Your Crucial Secrets introduces instant answers releaved worldwide. This link will allow a personalized “Free Destiny Reading”

Numerous think “Every little thing is fixed and you can’t change it.” YKS Readings can unlock the answers inside seconds on-line. YKS Readings provide a far more cost-effective alternative than calling a psychic paying costly per minute fees. Based on a combination of a number of metaphysical sciences YKS Readings can be more accurate than many option or yes/no personality or compatibility match services as a “Dating Service Match” exactly where the answers can be manipulated to answer what a entrant may well feel a potential dating partner may want to hear. YKS readings are absolute and cannot be manipulated.

How long does it take to really know a partner? How valuable it may be to know a lot more about your own or a partner’s personality to strengthen or repair broken relationships. How important to know the past, present and future timing data to aid make wise choices and when to make them. To know if you are blocked and when the blocks may well end can be very valuable. YKS readings give timing for two years from the final birth date broken down every 4 months.

Your Key Secrets Psychic &amp Compatibility Readings are readily available instantly on the internet in both English and Spanish – inside seconds on the internet at or A copy is also emailed automatically worldwide.

WHY YOUR Crucial SECRETS READINGS ARE A lot more Accurate:

The Your Crucial Secrets system implements the numbers 1 – 78. This method relates directly with the Tarot card deck. Most numerologists use only the numbers 1 by means of nine. Implementing a method of seventy-eight numbers is much more accurate and descriptive. For example, in technique terminology there are eight various quantity nines: 9. 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, and 72. Each and every number is of distinct and individual significance in the Your Crucial Secrets method which produces much more correct and detailed analysis readings. Millions of combinations are doable and no two readings would be the very same. Every reading has the complete name of the customer all through every single detailed answer.

Individual Analysis Readings

A person’s individual analysis reading consists of a personalized overall Personality Analysis Chart and six natural numbers. These are the most significant numbers that a YKS reading reveals to an individual. To know far more can be helpful via life’s journeys.

DESTINY…………… How the world looks at you and the external forces that are challenges in your life.

SPIRIT……………… The genuine, true nature and disposition of a individual.

PROJECTION …….. How a person sees themselves, their self-esteem.

COMMUNICATION.. How a individual puts ideas, beliefs and values into words.

MOTIVATION …….. What inspires and stimulates your actions.

EMOTION ………….. Capacity of thinking, reasoning and applying understanding.

Personality Traits

Also critical and entertaining are descriptions of a person’s fifteen (15) personality traits, listed in order of value, Chart numbers consists of descriptions of the following:

Funds………. finances, company opportunities, investments, career

SPIRITUAL……. thoughts, intellect, psyche, cerebral

KARMIC …….. lessons, challenges, gifts bestowed payoff or payback

MASTER……… capability, competence, expertise, skill

PROTECTIVE… represents secure and sound, escaping danger

Really like…………. emotions, family, friends, socialization, harmony

SEX…………… vitality, fitness, endurance, passion, want

BLOCKS……… challenges, obstacles, detours, cease signs

NET POINTS…. the sum of all the power points on a scale of 1-10

Extra POWER.. luck, advantages, strength, etc


Couples can order Partner Compatibility Analysis Reading featuring a Compatibility Graph Chart, “their” added powers and 36 explanations of how the partners get along, relate and communicate with every other (described “in order of value”). Also included in the Partner Compatibility Analysis readings are the elements of every single person’s Individual Analysis reading as described above. In addition, each the Individual Analysis and Partner Compatibility Analysis contain detailed explanations of how to read and interpret the graphs as properly as a glossary of terms.

For a Totally free Destiny Reading or complete Your Crucial Secrets Readings please see on the internet: or


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