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On August 15, 2006, the US Census Bureau released its annual statistics for numerous communities. The data for San Diego County revealed some considerable shifts from 2000 to 2005 in terms of the total population in San Diego, the percentage of males to females, percentage of men and women at numerous ages, and the racial composition of the County.


Total Population = 2,813,833 (CY 2000) vs. two,824,259 (CY 2005) = .four% boost

Of the total population, there were shifts in the percentage of males to females.

Males = 1,415,097 (CY 2000) vs. 1,400,199 (CY 2005) = 1.1% decline.

Females = 1,398,736 (CY 2000) vs. 1,424,060 (CY 2005) = 1.8% boost.

AGE Modifications

The percentage of men and women at various age also changed in the course of this time period.

Median Age = 33.two years (CY 2000) vs. 34.four years (CY 2005) = 3.6% increase.

Population Under 5 Years of Age = 198,621 (CY 2000) vs. 221,575 (CY 2005) = 11.six% improve.

Population Under 18 Years of Age = two,090,172 (CY 2000) vs. two,067,282 (CY 2005) = 1.1% decline.

Population 65 or Older = 313,750 (CY 2000) vs. 310,836 (CY 2005) = .9% decline.


Of individuals who defined themselves as belonging to one-race, the following statistics had been provided:

Total Number of “1-Race” Individuals = 2,681,866 (CY 2000) vs. 2,730,721 (CY 2005) = 1.8% improve.

People who defined themselves as belonging to 1-race, were further categorized as follows:

White = 1,871,839 (CY 2000) vs. 1,927,166 (CY 2005) = three% enhance.

Black or African American = 161,480 (CY 2000) vs. 140,181 (CY 2005) = 13.2% lower.

American Indian and Alaska Native = 24,337 (CY 2000) vs. 19,902 (CY 2005) = 18.two% decrease

Asian = 249,802 (CY 2000) vs. 295,926 (CY 2005) = 18.5% increase

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander = 13,561 (CY 2000) vs. 12,704 (CY 2005) = 6.3% decline.

Other Race = 360,847 (CY 2000) vs. 334,842 (CY 2005) = 7.two% decline.

Of those people who defined themselves as belonging to “two-races”, the following statistics were provided:

Total, Two -Race Individuals = 131,967 (CY 2000) vs. 93,538 (CY 2005) = 29.1% decline.

Hispanic or Latino (of any race) = 750,965 (CY 2000) vs. 843,901 (CY 2005) = 12.4% enhance.


Total Household Population = two,716,820 (CY 2000) vs. 2,824,259 (CY 2005) = four% increase.

Typical Household Size = 2.73 (CY 2000) vs. two.71 (CY 2005) = .7% decrease.

Typical family members size = 3.29 (CY 2000) vs. 3.33 (CY 2005) = 1.2% increase.


If you are interested in purchasing San Diego real estate, homes, condos or townhouses for sale, then the above data could be helpful to you. The info above can help you comprehend demographic and population shifts that impact provide, demand, and price of genuine estate and houses for sale in San Diego.

San Diego is one particular of the most well-liked locations in the Nation since of its moderate climate. In fact, the year-about typical climate in San Diego is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

San Diego genuine estate is also well-liked since of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, mountains and the US-Mexico border. Bordered by Orange County and Riverside County to the north, and the Mexico to the south, San Diego actual estate has hundreds of beachfront properties for sale.

San Diego is the sixth most populated County in the Nation. With this several folks, getting genuine estate in San Diego can be a competitive process based on the supply and demand of real estate and houses for sale at a distinct time.

While interest rates are nonetheless comparatively low and supply reasonably high, buyers at this time may possibly discover San Diego real estate a good worth.

Those who acquire San Diego actual estate get pleasure from year-around excellent weather, easy access to the Mexico border, a thriving job marketplace, and the pleasures of living close to an ocean.

Whether you are interested in boating, fishing, golfing, tennis or other hobbies, residents and guests who own San Diego real estate have access to all these activities and a lot more.

Please go to the Census Bureau’s web internet site for detailed demographic info about San Diego County. The Census Bureau supplies key statistics for a variety of communities in its annual American Community Survey (ACS) report.

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