Sustainable agriculture strives to produce food in a way that maintains the wellness of the land, protects the men and women who work it, and benefits those who enjoy its abundance. This plan offers an inside look at an organic farm and an organic retail store and discusses the day-to-day challenges and rewards of working in this field. Organic farming includes a wide range of jobs in production, advertising and distribution. Organic farming is a very competitive company, but for people with an interest in growing food, plus muscle energy and brains, it can be a rewarding career. Several folks in this market grew up on farms, but there are also opportunities to start at an entry level and discover the organization. It is by definition nearby, so there are opportunities anyplace, in both rural and urban settings. 22 minutes, color. Jobs profiled in this program consist of: Farm Manager, Retail Sales Manager, Organic Produce Buyer. Grade Levels: 7 to Adult direct link to acquire the DVD:
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