BizLaunch expert Andrew Patricio shares the secrets of becoming a successful entrepreneur.
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Obtaining a small business license requires a fair amount of busy work. Get a small business license with tips from a successful business owner in this free video on business tips. Expert: Clayton Christopher Contact: Bio: Clayton Christopher is the founder and owner of Sweet Leaf Tea Company, a rapidly growing small business. Filmmaker: Drew Noah
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Fishbowl4QB:

    Great key points: perseverance and vision!

  • Fishbowl4QB:

    Great key points: perseverance and vision!

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    so eHow
    would you say that it is actually easy to get these licenses?
    tell me what ure costs was and how much time it took, for you

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    This video is very informative. I think entrepreneurship is very interesting it is what builds the back bone of economies. I have more videos about entrepreneurship. I am trying to network more with people who would like to create their own businesses.

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    Sweet Leaf tea is the best. Thanks for the tips.

  • poby:

    Just gotta point out, an LLC is a Limited Liability Company. Not Limited Liability Corporation.
    Common mistake

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