UK Debt Aid Manual Offers Consumers a Lifeline

(PRWEB) October 9, 2006

The UK Debt Aid Manual has been produced by debt suggestions organisation The Debt Counsellors to guide shoppers by means of the personal debt maelstrom.

The UK Debt Aid Manual is a no cost, comprehensive guide to debt in the UK, with details and ideas on beating debt issues and staying out of debt.

Personal debt is a growing difficulty in the UK, with the total calculated at over £1.25 trillion and thought to be increasing by £1 million each four minutes.

As several as three.five million people in the UK are permanently overdrawn. It is estimated that two million households are on the brink of a debt crisis and an economic downturn or alter in private circumstances would plunge them into severe debt.

It is clear that under these circumstances, consumers should arm themselves with knowledge of UK debt and how to win the battle against it.

With that in mind, The UK Debt Aid Manual offers a clear analysis of UK debt and details the various varieties of debt issues and their causes.

The Manual also explores the debt solutions to these a variety of difficulties, explaining processes such as the Individual Voluntary Arrangement, or IVA, debt consolidation and debt management.

Possibly most importantly, though, The UK Debt Aid Manual presents assistance on how to remain out of debt, with ideas on handling credit cards and economising.

John Porter of The Debt Counsellors says: “We have produced The UK Debt Help Manual to raise awareness of UK debt problems and enhance consumers’ expertise of the techniques out of debt accessible to them.

“We also hope the Manual will support folks stay away from the debt trap altogether or assist them in staying out of trouble when they have cleared their debts.”

The UK Debt Manual is accessible for no cost from The Debt Counsellors website



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